Binge N’ Drive


            Ok, well if you are of age to drink it is typically normal for you to drink one or two drinks when you are out with your friends. That is very socially acceptable, but when you are out with your friends and consume more than four drinks with in two hours if you are a female or five drinks within that time limit and you are a male that has considered being binge drinking. Binge drinking is not just a danger to you but it is a danger to others. On average in Iowa, there are 82 alcoholic impaired driving related fatalities according to These are all startling news, especially when it is about the wonderful state of Iowa. Drinking is a great way to meet people but is also a very great way to hurt a person. Never get behind the wheel of a vehicle when you have had more than four or five alcoholic beverages within one to two hours. Let us just go over a few symptoms (or levels) of having a raised blood alcohol concentration for those who have never experienced. First, when you are intoxicated or otherwise known as drunk your coordination becomes impaired, euphoria— level 1 –meaning your world becomes super spinning, and you cannot control your balance. Level 2 of intoxication would be binge drinking and lead up to poor judgment.  Level 3 is slurred speech and vomiting this is your body trying to flush out all of the bad that is currently within you.  These are very serious and something that you should not be driving with because the way that these are being described you can not be driving discombobulated or passed out on the road this is how you most definitely take someone’s life one. This is why you need to not drink and drive. There are so many rule out in the world so that you pay attention to what you are consuming before you go out in the world and drive not only for others safety but for yours also.

So next time you decide on have a giant party with your friends colleague or decide on going to a restaurant with a love on and want to buy drinks make sure not splurge on the alcohol because you could be prone to be one of the 82 fatal accidents that happen every year in Iowa. Make sure to be safe and be smart on the road watch what you drink and watch out for others and watch what you drink. Do not consume alcohol. In addition, do not binge or promote bingeing and driving.Image


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